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Ron Coleman inspires Palmerston North

Ron hit town on Wednesday night June 7 2011 fresh from the vibrant world of  Auckland.



His first task was to address a public meeting at Journeys To Wellbeing on the topic of talking with voices and recovery. He volunteered to do this on behalf of the Hearing Voices Network Aotearoa New Zealand.


The audience was a mixture of people who hear voices, family members and some non government organisations staff as well as members of the public.


The meeting was excellent in that it was the first time many participants had heard about recovery for voice hearers.  The connection with early life trauma and the high percentage among the general population and famous historical figures, of voice hearers was also welcome learning for those present at the meeting.


Thursday, an unwell Ron who was fighting of an unpleasant virus, ran a symposium for approximately 60 people some of whom, travelled from neighbouring regions.  His skill of delivering educational material with humour, relaxed style, welcome questioning and hard hitting messages is impressive to watch.


Ron left no doubt in people’s minds that he was not impressed with many services for voice hearers.  He talked about maintenance, and tranquilising, without a recovery focus.   The World Health Organisation survey on recovery for western societies at 33% versus some third world statistics of 80% was news to many.  As usual the twin studies were raised by clinical staff and as usual Ron gave further information that quashed common belief and demonstrated the myth of the so called research.


During the course of the day Ron worked with a volunteer voice hearer and demonstrated how easy it is to connect with a voice and how if asked respectfully, etc a voice would temporarily,  ‘go away’, in order for a person to have a dialogue with Ron for the purpose of increased insight for the voice hearer.  These sessions were riveting


and educational.  A trainee clinician attending the session was inspired to learn more and introduce Ron’s techniques into her practice.  A view held by many in the audience.  Great!


Another topic covered during the day was the gift among some indiginous peoples of being able to hear the voices of tupuna or spirit.  A topic not generally talked about – another new piece of learning for many attendees.


The day ended with an audience wiser for the experience and many comments regarding enthusiasm to attend any future in depth training that Ron might be available to do for clinical and community staff as well as family members. The four day workshop Ron is doing in many countries – including Australia would be welcomed in the mid central region by many of us.


Thank you Ron Coleman for your short visit to our country.


Teresa Keedwell