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Brain Day At Auckland University March 17 2012

We had a stand at the recent Brain Day, at the Auckland University the weekend of 17th March. Some of us Support group facilitators manned the small table we had at the Community stand.

Brain Day is an excellent day. Therr are always heaps of people, and so many of them showed a real interest in learning what the Hearing Voices Network were all about. All of the Hearing Voices Network team were amazed at how many fascinating indepth conversation were held with members of the public about hearing voices.

There are all perspectives, neural brain scientists, family of those that heard voices, those who have spiritual and clairvoyant experiences, and those that hear voices but " don't usually tell anyone."

It made us think, that we need to have more public awareness events such as this, and also showed how many of the public are open to all different interpretations of the hearing of voices other than the illness model we become labelled with.

All in all a great day, and I look forward to it again next year.

We would welcome the opportunity to attend other similar public events .