Helpful Pamphlets and Information Sheets

Self Help Groups User Manual by HVN Sydney

The attached booklet is an excellent guide to starting a self help group, that has been put together by Hearing Voices Network Sydney.

It is always a liitle bit daunting to start a support group. It often helps to have some information and advice from those who have done it already.

You may be a Voice Hearer, Carer, Group Facilitator, Service Provider or just an interested member of the community.

In particular, if you are a Voice Hearer, this is your journey toward recovery. Through Self-Help Groups you will learn many techniques to help you cope, and, over time, take control of your voices. This manual is intended to provide the platform for all participants within a Self-Help Group environment, and the guidelines and ideas for their successful execution. The content in this manual is limited to those objectives. More detailed information regarding Hearing Voices can be found at our web site or the many other Networks around the world, which are linked to our site. 

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Download this file (HVN SYDNEY SUPPORT group manual.pdf)HVN Sydney self help user manual[ ]506 kB